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Our Products

Our Products

Our company offers a whole range of items which will satify all your needs. Beyond the pre-stressed concrete posts, we do produce: stainless steel posts and galvanized iron posts Prestil patented, channel posts, pvc posts, fastening systems, wires, ropes and a large selection of accessories which will make easy for you to carry out many complex activities in vineyards and orchard plantations.

A secure investment in the vineyard and in the orchard.

The pruning, tying up, canopy management, harvesting, and finally the sucker removal are operations where the workforce can be replaced by the machines. However, in order to get the maximum efficiency and obtain the optimal result, the machines need to operate in optimized and rational plant conditions.
To this scope PRESTIL has designed a pre-stresses concrete post having advanced technical and mechanical characteristics.

From the technical point of view the novelty is represented by the elimination of the sharp edges close to the post. These represented a problem during the various mechanical operations in the vineyard as they could cause damages to the harvesting and canopy machines devices.

From the mechanical point of view the shock resistance and the elasticity of the posts has been increased, thanks to a different processing of the materials used during construction.

Sucker Removal: Being this a typical combing operation, there is no longer a risk for the beaters to be damaged by the sharp edges on the posts. The suckers are better removed from the trunk, with less breakages and fewer replacements.

Tying Up: This operation gets maximum benefit from the use of the PRESTIL pre-stressed post, since the sharp edges of the traditional posts have always created damages to the ties, often vanifiyng the tying up operation.

Grape Harvesting: The beaters of the grape harvester are able to move with minimal interference, are less prone to damages and make harvesting easier. Furthermore, the beating sticks are not damaged through friction with the post and this greatly reduces the maintenance requirements of the harvester itself.

For these, and other valid reasons, the choice of the PRESTIL POST is the very first step towards a safe investment in the vineyard and in the orchard.

Chosen for you

Tornado intermediate post with double N-slot
detail of the holes on COR-TEN ® headposts
anti-sinking plate for metal head posts
detail of the "L" N-slot of the intermediate post Tornado
Roller with hook
Sendzimir head post 48 x 39 x 58 mm
7x 7 cm prestressed concrete post section
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