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Anchoring System: Propellers

Anchoring System: Propellers

In addition to the concrete plates, we have also propellers for vineyard and orchard plantations.

Our propellers are the perfect solution for both vineyard and orchard plantations. Their installation is simple and easy. Generally used in compact grounds with short length lines plantations, they are suitable for hilly grounds, where altitudes and the particular soil, can give some difficulty at installation level.

Our company offers three types of galvanized propellers for vineyard plantation. The non-galvanized ones have bigger sizes and are used in orchard plantations to ensure a good fixing of the rope, even when the weight of the rain, the snow or the hail on the net is extreme.


For the vineyard plantation, we are able to offer three dimensions of propellers:

800 x 14 x 140 mm galvanized propeller

1200 x 12 x 140 mm galvanized propeller

1200 x 14 x 180 mm galvanized propeller


The galvanized propeller is used in vineyard plantations, while in the orchards it is best to provide larger anchors, which are generally non-galvanized.

The propellers ensure a good grip on the ropes even when the weight of rain, snow or hail is heavy on the structure of the plant.


Prestil is able to offer its customers two types of non-galvanized propellers:

1500 x 26 x 300 spess. 6 mm non-galvanized propellers

1500 x 26 x 300 spess. 8 mm non-galvanized propellers

Anchors consisting of a concrete plate and galvanized rod,
allowing to fit rows that are very long (up to 400 mt), which are
even placed at tall heights and subjected to strong stresses, such
as that from GDC or Casarsa. They are also used for orchards that
have very consistent productive loads. It is the only type of anchor
system that can be used in stony ground. The rod has two slot
shaped ends that are welded: one slot sticks out of the ground
that allows you to insert tensioning systems, and the other is below
ground in order to efficiently block the concrete plate. The slot that
sticks out from the ground is painted red, making it particularly
visible to avoid unpleasant accidents.
galvanized propellers
galvanized propeller for vineyard
propellers ready to be picked up
non-galvanized anchor for orchards
non-galvanized steel anchor for orchards
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